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Chaos Chess

Chaos Chess

Chaos Chess

*  Color Chess Pieces

Introducing Hammerdog's own brand of colored chess pieces. If you need extra pieces for Chaos Chess or any chess game, you can get them here!

Red with Bag
These chess pieces are available in the following colors*:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White
  • Black
Blue with Bag

* colors may vary from those shown above.

Each 17-piece set is made of high impact plastic for years of use. The King measures a full 3.75". The pieces are standard weight and have a soft felt bottom. They come packaged in velveteen bag that matches the color of the pieces. As an added bonus, an extra Queen is included in each set for pawn promotion.

Color Chess Pieces
HDG 1010
Color Chess Piece Set - Black
$9.95 Chess Pieces
HDG 1011
Color Chess Piece Set - White
$9.95 Chess Pieces
HDG 1012
Color Chess Piece Set - Red
$9.95 Chess Pieces
HDG 1013
Color Chess Piece Set - Blue
$9.95 Chess Pieces
HDG 1014
Color Chess Piece Set - Green
$9.95 Chess Pieces
HDG 1015
Color Chess Piece Set - Purple
$9.95 Chess Pieces
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